CMI CONTINENTAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD  is a leading exporter and a buying agent specializing in automotive hand tools, hardware, and equipment. We are based in Taiwan and work with clients throughout the world, such as Japan, Russia, Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and others. 


Our Values

Providing skillful and professional services to our clients is our priority. Building trust and rapport with clients is therefore our top goal. We deeply listen to and care about your needs and strive to meet your every request.


Our Services

CMI represents clients in searching and producing high-quality, innovative, and profitable products both in Taiwan and in China. We have a broad and deep perspective in the automotive manufacturing market in Asia. And, our staff possesses a profound knowledge and expertise in automotive hand tools, hardware, and pneumatic tools.

Our services include:

‧Resourcing, consulting, and branding products

‧Evaluating and monitoring manufacturers and product lines

‧Analyzing markets and competitors

‧Mediating between importers and manufacturers


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